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PA 1000 E

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T+A PA 1000 E 

Integrated Amplifier

The core of the E-series is the PA 1000 E: an integrated amplifier bursting with power and superb sound.

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The Integrated Amplifier

The core of the E-series is the PA 1000 E: an integrated amplifier bursting with power and superb sound. The unit was developed from the legendary Power Plant, whose outstanding sound we succeeded in improving further. The pre-amplifier is a crucial element in determining the sonic characteristics of the amplifier as a whole, and for this reason our development aim was absolute neutrality, superb musical fidelity and outstanding dynamic characteristics. The use of the latest op-amps (operational amplifiers) mounted on discrete, voltage-stabilised circuit boards (OAD = Op Amp Decoupling) ensures absolutely consistent signal processing regardless of load, i.e. uncoloured sound! Naturally there is a two-stage volume control based on a High-End ALPS precision potentiometer to ensure a high overload margin and good signal to noise ratios. A Flat switch is present, which entirely removes the sophisticated tone controls and Loudness function from the signal path.
The PA 1000 E is equipped with high-quality balanced and unbalanced inputs. The balanced input section (XLR) is mounted on its own circuit board, is of fully symmetrical construction, and is coupled directly to the pre-amplifier via differential amplifiers of superb quality. The RCA and XLR inputs are flexible in operation, and can be assigned to different source devices. The input selector switches incorporate gold-contact relays of outstanding quality in order to guarantee freedom from harmonic distortion and background noise.


Specifications power-amplifier

Nominal output per channel 4 Ohms / 8 Ohms 2 x 250 Watts / 2 x 140 Watts
Peak output per channel 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm 2 x 400 Watts / 2 x 220 Watts
Frequency response -3dB 1 Hz - 60 kHz
Total harmonic distortion / Intermodulation < 0,004 % / < 0,004 %

Pre amplifier (PRE, REC)

Frequency response 1 Hz - 300 kHz
Total harmonic distortion 0,0025 %
Signal / noise ratio 108 dBA
Channel separation > 82 dB
Inputs 5 x unbalanced (RCA) 250 mVeff ... 3 Veff / 20 kOhms
Inputs 5 x balanced (XLR)
500 mVeff ... 6 Veff / 5 kOhms Outputs 2 x unbalanced (RCA)
PRE OUT, REC OUT 2,5 Veff / 50 Ohms;  Headphones 6,3 mm plug > 32 Ohms

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Optional accessories
plug-in phono module MM, 1 - 5 mV, 16 capacitance values
plug-in phono module MC, 60 - 1000 µV, 16 impedance values
Remote control via MP 1000 E or  optional remote control set FBS2000
Mains 220-230 V or 110-115 V, 50-60 Hz, 600 Watts
Standby < 0,3 Watts
Dimensions (H x W x D) 11,5 x 44 x 38 in cm
Weight 14 kg
Silver case + black side panels. Silver case + silver side panels.
Black case + black side panels. Black case + silver side panels.
Technical modifications reserved

Data sheet

PA 1000 E
Type :
Integrated Amplifier
Output power per channel
into 4 Ohms 2 x 250 Watts into 8 Ohms 2 x 140 Watts
PRE Out, REC Out, HQ Headphones
2 x balanced (XLR) 5 x high level (RCA)
Total harmonic distortion
Plug-in phono module (optional)
for MM or MC