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The HV-Series

Within just two years the HV-series has developed into a line of high-end electronics which has gained some of the finest reviews and assessments world-wide. In that short time it has made T+A the leading high-end manufacturer in Germany. The HV-series first appeared in 2013, and was based on our thirty years of experience in the development and construction of first-class transistor amplifiers and valve devices. The new series incorporates a revolutionary concept combining the sonic and technical advantages of both technologies, at the same time avoiding the inherent disadvantages of present-day valves. The HV = High Voltage technology is employed in the amplifier stages of all the machines in this series, and is the secret behind their outstanding performance and sound quality. The source devices of the same series are just as uncompromising and superb as the amplifiers. They represent absolutely the highest level in the processing and reproduction of all digital sources.


There are 11 products.

PS 3000 HV

PS 3000 HV Power Supply The PS 3000 HV is a supplementary mains unit which was developed specifically for the A...
9 500,00 €

PA 3000 HV

PA 3000 HV is an audiophile High-End integrated amplifier packed full of unique, newly developed technological...
-10% 11 655,00 € 12 950,00 €

P 3100 HV

T+A P 3100 HV Preamplifier Preamplifiers are the most important components of any High-End system.
13 500,00 €

PDP 3000 HV

T+A PDP 3000 HV DSD / PCM player with CD-SACD player The PDP 3000 HV’s high-quality SACD
14 500,00 €

PA 3100 HV

PA 3100 HV Integrated Amplifier The PA 3100 HV is a further development of the PA 3000 HV, and most of its...
15 900,00 €